Grant and Revoke

Once installed you will want to start granting permissions to your objects. django-bop provides three tools to help you with that:


By subclassing ObjectAdmin in (in stead of ModelAdmin) you can manage the objects in the django admin. Each object (detail page) will have inline forms to grant / revoke (delete) permissions.

The admin will also filter out objects that the user doesn’t have acces to or deny actions he/she doesn’t have permissions for.


from django.contrib import admin

from bop.admin import ObjectAdmin

from myapp.models import MyModel

class MyModelAdmin(ObjectAdmin):
    # All the usual options work here
    pass, MyModelAdmin)

Form Factory

If you want to have the inlines in your own (Model)forms you can use the inline_permissions_form_factory to generate a formset that will handle the permissions for you:

# TODO Example
from bop.forms import inline_permissions_form_factory


Bop provides two very flexible functions to grant and revoke permissions for objects to users and groups:

from bop.api import grant, revoke

grant([mymodeladmin, testuser], None, 'myapp.delete_mymodel', MyModel.objects.filter(owner=testuser))

revoke(testuser, None, 'myapp.delete_mymodel', MyModel.objects.filter(id=1))

Both functions have the same signature: users, groups, permissions, objects. All arguments can be a single item or an iterable.:

grant(User.objects.all(), Group.objects.all(), 'myapp.can_view', MyModel.objects.all())

Users, groups and permissions can be either a string or an object.

  • For users a string, or iterable of strings, will be converted into a User object by doing User.objects.get(username=user)
  • For groups a string will be converted into a Group object by doing Group.objects.get(name=group)
  • For permisions a string will be converted into a Permission object by doing (simplefied here) Permission.objects.get(app_label=app_label, codename=codename)

Objects however must be instances of a model that is ‘registered’ / known in django.contrib.contenttyes.

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